who we are + what we stand for

It's Kaeleen, hi, I'm the owner, it's me. (If you get this reference DM me and I'll give you a promo code. SO SERIOUS)

As a kid I used to draft out blueprints for a boutique in my notebooks, and now here we are! SJ is my baby. I wanted to create a place where I would shop- a place where you feel beautiful and inspired and fun!

The name of the boutique comes from the fact that I was born on a Sunday in June, and because there's something about feeling like you're living your best life on a summer Sunday. Considering this vibe, boho was a natural direction for SJ. It's my hope that this shop captures that feeling for you!

Meet The Team

AKA, me & my cat.

I was born in '94 and am stuck in the 2000s. It's fine.

I love fashion so much that I went to school for it- earning me a Fashion Merchandising Certification. Four years in retail (pre-SJ) earned me the ghost of expired Kohl's Cash haunting my dreams.

If you need me, you might find me reading, (either a cute little romance or a dark little thriller) crying to Taylor Swift, drinking coffee, binge watching a show I've seen 500 times... or all of the above. (No but seriously feel free to DM if you also cry to Taylor... LET'S CRY TOGETHER)

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