Who We Are + What We Stand For

It's Kaeleen, hi, I'm the owner, it's me. (If you get this reference we're besties now)

As a kid I used to draft out blueprints for a boutique in my notebooks, and now here we are! SJ is my baby. I wanted to create a place where I would shop- a place where you feel beautiful and inspired and fun!

The name of the boutique comes from the fact that I was born on a Sunday in June, and because there's something about feeling like you're living your best life on a summer Sunday. I have many different aesthetics, (don't we all) but the one I always seem to come back to is what I've dubbed modern retro palm springs. It's my hope that this shop captures that vibe for you and that it becomes the place you come back to over and over.

Meet The Team

AKA the "we" of it all, me & my cat.

I was born in '94 and am stuck in the 2000s. It's fine.

I love fashion so much that I went to school for it- earning me a Fashion Merchandising Certification. Four years in retail (pre-SJ) earned me the ghost of expired Kohl's Cash haunting my dreams.

If you need me, you might find me reading, (either a cute little romance or a dark little thriller) crying to Taylor Swift, drinking coffee, binge watching a show I've seen 500 times... or all of the above. (No but seriously feel free to DM if you also cry to Taylor... LET'S CRY TOGETHER)

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